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August 2022


Last month, we said that we had a bumper crop of hay in July, and that it may be extremely useful if we have a dry August and have to start buffer feeding our cows with hay - that is exactly what happened! In early August, our farm looked like a farm in Australia, the fields were brown and parched. Our cows were pleased to see the hay!

Thank you to those of you who got in touch worried our farm was on fire! Some of you may have heard about, or even seen, the barn fire that happened on our neighbour's farm. Fortunately no one and no animals were hurt. We did rent part of the neighbour's barn that burnt down, for straw storage, and lost our straw to the fire.


Progress hasn't been as fast as we would have wished, but we are getting there! The Borough Market Trust has just approved the final proposed layout of the shop, along with the new proposed plumbing and electrics to service the raw ice-cream-making, chilled and freezer display units, lighting etc. We can now appoint a contractor to construct and shop fit our unit. The ice-cream-making equipment will be delivered to the farm in early September and the new shop staff will be trained in ice-cream-making.


Our campsite is up and running! We're not yet fully booked, so please contact us if you would like to stay, or if you have friends or family who are looking for a

camping holiday near Eastbourne. Our site has wonderful views over the Pevensey Levels. There is a toilet and shower block on site. All our dairy and beef produce will also be available for campers to buy. Campers who have stayed in August have given the site great reviews. It is an amazing location, with the milking herd walking past twice a day, and incredible views over the Pevensey levels. For further information, please contact


We are looking for a person to be involved in our dairy processing part of the business, particularly the bottling of our milk. Please contact the office if you are interested in the job opportunity, or know someone who maybe interested. You would be part of a great team here on the farm!


If you buy a pack of frozen burgers and sausages we will also give you a free 500g pack of frozen beef mince.

If you would like to buy any frozen steaks, casseroling, slow cooking beef, or joints, these are available until the end of September with a discount of 25% (subject to availability).

This is a great opportunity to fill up your freezer with some of our beautiful organic dairy beef! Please contact the office if you would like to take advantage of our beef promotion this month.

Best wishes with thanks for all your support for our farm. From Phil and Marilyn, Steve and Claire, and all of us at Hook & Son


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