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Raw Cream

Made from our unpasteurised milk, our raw cream and raw crème fraîche is thick, smooth and comes in reusable glass jars.

Our thick cream is separated naturally from our raw milk, with a fat content of around 40%. It's the perfect accompaniment to strawberries, scones and jam, or any dessert.

Our pouring cream is slightly runnier than the thick cream, and can be used in any recipe that calls for double cream. It is also suitable for whipping.

raw thick cream 240g
raw pouring cream
bucket of raw cream

How It's Made

Cream is obtained from our raw milk through the process of centrifugal separation. Our milk is gently heated to approx 35°C before entering the cream separator. The cream separator is a closed, centrifuge machine, so the milk is spun at high speed until it is separated into its lighter components (cream) and heavier components (skimmed milk). The cream exits the machine on a chute, is collected in a bucket and then potted into jars or churned to make our raw butter. The skimmed milk exits a second chute and is either bottled or used to make our raw yoghurt. 

Crème Fraîche

We also sell crème fraîche, a slightly cultured cream which gives it a pleasant tang. Crème fraîche is very versatile with both savoury and sweet dishes. Why not try it for the following:

- Use as a substitute for sour cream in pasta dishes, curries, steak sauces, quiches, tarts and puddings

- Topping for pancakes, or spread on bread and crackers

- It's also the perfect secret ingredient for creamy mash potato!

raw crème fraîche 240g
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