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Raw Milk Benefits

glass of raw milk

It is no secret that raw milk is packed with goodness. Multiple studies, as well as anecdotes from our own customers, have correlated raw milk consumption with a variety of nutritional and health benefits. At Hook & Son, our cows are grass-fed, farmed organically and extensively, and the milk produced in hygienic conditions to maximise these amazing benefits. 

Milk straight from the cow is packed full of beneficial bacteria, proteins and enzymes that serve a multitude of functions throughout the human body. When you are born, for example, raw milk is the only thing you're given, so this has to be responsible for not only sustaining you, but also growing your muscles, bones and organs, as well as building your immune system to fight infection. These proteins, enzymes and bacteria are destroyed by pasteurisation, meaning that pasteurised milk contains a lot of dead bacteria.


On this page we make many references to The Milk Cure, a 1929 article by Dr Crewe of the Mayo Clinic, Minnosota, where raw milk was used to treat patients with a variety of ailments. 

Disclaimer: We at Hook & Son are not qualified to give out medical advice and though we quote great health benefits, please consider anything you read on our website, and other websites we link to, to be information only. Before modifying your diet or health practices in any way, always seek out and consult with an enlightened medical professional.

Drinking raw milk could reduce children's risk of suffering allergy-related conditions such as eczema and hay fever. This seems to be the main medical reason for people wanting raw milk today. Milk straight from the cow is full of bacteria. These all get killed by pasteurisation, resulting in pasteurised milk containing lots of dead bacteria. Is it true that as these dead bacteria decompose and breakdown in pasteurized milk they release histamine that can cause eczema? We have lots of customers that have told us that within three weeks of having our raw milk, their eczema has gone.

From 'The Milk Cure': Crewe spoke of the “worst case of psoriasis” he’d ever seen: “This boy was literally covered from head to foot with scales. We put him on a milk diet and in less than a month he had a skin like a baby’s.”
Crewe said he even had a number of patients who used the raw milk fast as a beauty treatment: “The tissues become firmer and the general appearance is markedly improved ... It is well known that there is no time in the life of practically any mammal, but especially of the human, when the body is so beautiful and perfect as during the period when milk is the only food,” Crewe writes.

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