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Pasteurised Products & Kefir

Though we pride ourselves on being one of the UK's top raw milk producers, we also offer our customers pasteurised milk and other pasteurised dairy products. While it may not contain the same health benefits as raw milk, our pasteurised milk remains fresh, organic and grass-fed, which still sets it apart from supermarket milk. We also offer pasteurised cream, butter, natural yoghurt, as well as kefir made from our pasteurised milk (see below).​

kefir 250ml
pasteurised milk 1 Litre
pasteurised yoghurt 425g
pasteurised cream 240g


ki kefir logo

Kefir is a probiotic drink made from our pasteurised milk and kefir grains. We have teamed up with Ki Kefir to create this fermented milk drink which is full of enzymes and beneficial bacteria that support gut health and the digestive process.

Our kefir is available at all our markets, our Borough shop, and on our local delivery rounds.

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