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Raw Yoghurt

Our raw skimmed milk is gently heated in a large pan up to 40°C, at which point the yoghurt culture granules are stirred in. After 16-18 hours at room temperature, the milk has thickened into yoghurt, which is then strained naturally in cotton bags. The strained yoghurt is pushed through a mesh extruder, making it uniform and smooth, and potted directly into glass pots.​

raw greek yoghurt 425g
raw natural yoghurt 425g

How It's Made

raw pouring yoghurt 1 Litre

Regarded as the 'Holy Grail' of the dairy world, our low-fat raw yoghurt is made from raw skimmed milk and yoghurt culture, with nothing else added. Our raw yoghurt comes in glass pots and is available as pouring yoghurt, natural yoghurt, and a thicker, Greek-style yoghurt that you can stand your spoon in!​

raw whey 500ml

Raw Whey

Whey is the excess liquid produced when our raw yoghurt is strained in cotton bags. Raw whey is high in protein, with a strong tang to its taste. 

Whey can be used in protein shakes and smoothies, salad dressings, marinating meat, and for boiling rice/pasta/vegetables to infuse them with extra flavour and nutrients.

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