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Grass-Finished Beef & Rose Veal

In addition to our dairy produce, we also offer a wide range of dairy beef and rose veal: from steaks to roasting joints, diced beef to liver, burgers to beef sausages, and more! All our beef and rose veal comes from our organic, grass-fed, grass-finished herd, and this certainly shines through in both the taste and quality.

Not only is our beef grass-fed, but also grass-finished as well. This is an important distinction, as most grass-fed beef animals are finished on grain in order to bulk them up and produce more meat at the point of slaughter. Grass-finished beef, on the other hand, means the animal remains on its natural grass diet until the very end of its life, and therefore the meat doesn't lose any of the nutritional benefits associated with the grass diet. It can also be misleading for customers, who want grass-fed meat for nutritional and ethical reasons, if the animals are finished on grain instead of grass.

Dairy Beef

In addition to regular beef, we also offer the less common 'dairy beef'. Our five-week-aged grass-fed dairy beef has incredible flavour. It is so different to the beef you can buy in a supermarket. Normal beef breeds of cattle are good at converting the food they eat into putting on muscle, and to do this quickly, they are fed corn and soya and finished at around 18 months old. This is the fast-grown beef that is sold cheaply and is widely available. However, dairy breeds are good at converting the food they eat into producing milk and grow their muscles very slowly. In addition, our cattle are not fed any corn or soya - just grass.

Our animals are between four to fourteen years old, resulting in much more marbling, texture and flavour. Whether it's burgers, beef sausages, steaks, mince for an incredible spag bol, diced beef for a delicious casserole, or a joint for a Sunday roast, you will realise what beef should be!

grass fed steaks

If you would like to buy our meat, don't hesitate to contact our office. Milk round customers can add meat to their delivery, and market customers in London can reserve meat to buy and collect at one of our markets.

Rose Veal

Our organic veal calves are kept in welfare-friendly conditions, which means they can run around, interact and socialise with the other calves, and have a diet that includes forage as well as milk. All these freedoms exercise the muscles more and increase the blood flow in the muscles, which results in a rose-coloured veal meat - as opposed to the white veal produced in Europe, where veal calves have a milk-only diet, are kept in solitude and cannot exercise. 

Our veal is available at markets and for local delivery, please get in touch with our office if you are interested.

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