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Set Up A Standing Order

If you would like a regular order to save you ordering via the website each week we would be delighted if you were to set up a ‘Standing Order’. A regular order can be each week, fortnight or every four weeks as long as it is the same amount on a regular basis. 

So if the butter and cream are part of your order requirements, you wouldn’t have to have them each time you have the milk; if you want the milk every week but eg. butter every other week, we are pleased to be able to accommodate this for you.


  • 1. Email requesting a Standing Order Form.

  • 2. Print the form that you receive.

  • 3. Fill in the details on the form Please note the reference you need to use is made up of the first 4 letters of your surname and the first part of your postcode.

  • 4. Send the form to your bank OR if you use Internet banking you can set up a regular payment to us by using the ‘Pay a Friend’ Option without having to go to the bank!

  • 5. Don’t forget, payment must be before delivery! Please note that the delivery will not be dispatched if the funds have not arrived. If you would like your delivery made to you on a Tuesday we need to receive your funds on the Friday before, If you require a delivery on Wednesday or Thursday we would need to receive the funds on or before the Monday of the week of the delivery.

  • 6. Email a confirmation of your standing order to:

  • 6a. Please include in your email:

  • 6b. Your Name, Delivery Address, Leave Safe instruction and your delivery day (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

  • 6c. The frequency of your delivery e.g.: every week, bi weekly or 4 weekly.

  • 6d. The reference you used when you set up the standing order.



We would be grateful if you could also create a reference for your standing order, so that we can clearly identify your payment in our account. Initials and Surname and the first four characters of your postcode would be excellent.
You can email us your reference and details of your order of milk here

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