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September 2023

It’s more bad news: a second planning application has been submitted on another area of grassland that we rent. Heyford Developments Ltd have proposed 150 houses to be built on 24 acres of grassland that we have farmed organically for over 25 years. If both this application and the previous application are approved, we will lose a total of 64 acres of our most valuable grassland, with no mitigation for the damage to our business.

The blue area on the map indicates this latest housing proposal, and the red area indicates the previous proposal. The green areas mark the land we farm organically (which currently includes the red and blue zones). The grass symbols highlight the best grazing/silaging areas, both in terms of quality of grass and close proximity to the milking parlour for the cows' benefit.

You have been brilliant in sending in your objections to the first planning application (which we have still not heard further news about). You can object in the same way to this new proposal on the Wealden District Council website. The Planning Reference number is WD/2023/0290/MAO.



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