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February 2023


February has been a very busy month. On the 10th and 13th, we had all our animals TB tested. It all went very well as we passed, which is great, although Steve did end up in A & E at the hospital after a cow accidentally whacked his leg with its head when it turned quickly! All is well now with Steve, and with the TB test pass being the main thing!

We also had our Soil Association inspection this month. This is done once a year to check we are farming to organic standards, so we can continue to sell

our milk and beef as organically produced. The inspection is very thorough, which it has to be. We started our conversion to organic farming in 1998, and became fully organic in August 2000. Farming organically without man-made fertiliser, for example, has meant a reduced yield, but has allowed us to diversify into higher value produce; and by selling directly to our customers and not to supermarkets, our farm has managed to survive. Farming organically has also resulted in greater biodiversity on the farm, with the fields teeming with insects, bees, all sorts of flora and fauna!

After the extremely wet autumn and first half of winter, it has been great to have such a dry February. The fields have dried up enough to do some muck spreading, grass harrowing and rolling. It's great to get some of these jobs done early.With a bit of warm spring sunshine and rain, our grass leys should be looking good for the cows to graze when we turn them out in April.

Best wishes with thanks for all your support for our farm. From Phil and Marilyn, Steve and Claire, and all of us at Hook & Son



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