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CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: Please help us to buy a Zero Grazer

Link to crowdfunding page:

As you may be aware, our farm has recently lost 80 acres of our best grazing land due to the landowners not renewing our grazing licence. We have an increasing number of customers locally to us in East Sussex, at our London markets, and across the country, who all rely on our raw milk.

Painful as it is to lose this land that we have farmed for three generations, we must look ahead for a solution.

In order to be able to maintain our yield of raw milk and other raw dairy produce this summer, our only solution is to bring organic grass in from elsewhere, to replace the grass we're losing. Dairy cows differ from beef cattle and sheep, as dairy cows need to walk to the milking parlour twice a day. They can't graze fields that are miles away from the farm, hence the need to instead bring grass to the cows.

The question is, how do we bring the grass we need to our cows? We will require a piece of machinery called a Zero Grazer: a combined mower-trailer that allows us to cut fresh, organic grass from another local farm, bring it to our farm, and feed it straight to our cows - but we need your help.

This crowdfunding campaign gives you the chance to help our cows directly. Please donate what you can to help reach our target of £50,000 to buy this Zero Grazer. We have some great rewards lined up for larger donations: a Hook & Son shoulder bag; a Hook & Son compartment bag for glass bottles; and a brand new Hook & Son coolbag, ideal for bringing to our London markets, or leaving on your doorstep for local delivery, on a hot summer's day!

All donors of £100 and above will also be invited to a Crowdfunders' Day on the farm (date TBC), which will include meeting Steve, a tractor-and-trailer ride on the marsh, a demonstration of the Zero Grazer in action, and seeing the lovely cows that produce our milk!

This campaign is so important. Donations of any amount will be hugely appreciated by all the team at Hook & Son, our customers who buy our produce, and of course by all our cows!

Follow the link to the crowdfunding page, where you can make your donations and view the donation reward tiers


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