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10 Year Anniversary of 'The Moo Man'!

In January 2013, The Moo Man had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in the US. This 90-minute documentary film, produced, directed and edited by Trufflepig Films, follows a year on our farm and highlights the highs and lows of running a dairy farm.

Following its success at The Sundace, The Moo Man had its European premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival in Germany, and its UK premiere in London’s O2 Arena.

However, the real premiere took place at the wonderful Pavilion cinema in Hailsham, with one of our cows on the red carpet on George Street! It then went on to be shown at over 100 cinemas in the UK and other film festivals around the world.

If you haven’t yet seen The Moo Man, you can currently download/stream it on Amazon Prime and YouTube. It’s a great way to see our farm, how we treat our cows, and where your milk comes from!

Best wishes with thanks for all your support for our farm. From Phil and Marilyn, Steve and Claire, and all of us at Hook & Son



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