Here are some of the comments from customers that are enjoying their raw milk:
I want to leave some feedback on your website but cannot find where to leave it. The raw milk from your cows is fabulous.  I ordered it a few years ago and thought it great then but it was a little expensive.  I now realize you really do get what you pay for and have sent you an email for a standing order form after receiving an order a couple of weeks ago. It's so good to hear of someone who really cares about his animals instead of the horrendous mega dairies that have hit the headlines. It makes you wonder which planet our councillors and politicians live on to give these monstrosities planning permission. I don't have any health problems but feel better drinking this milk and it reminds me of the holidays we spent in Wales when I was a child (many many years ago) and bought raw milk straight from the farmer over the gate. Keep up the good work and I wish you many many more productive years on your farm.  I'm looking forward to watching The Moo Man and film4.
Hello, I just wanted to tell you how over-the-moon in love I am with your milk: I've just ordered my third pack and it has changed my life! I've pretty much spent the last 37 years with stomach ache, so much so that when I first drank your milk I almost didn't recognise the new feeling in my stomach; calm, still, non-painful!!! I've lost a stone too, and my skin is clearer. I know you get a lot of compliments but you deserve it..... thank you so much for fighting to sell this beautiful stuff!!!!! I am such a milk lover and I tried giving it up as I was so desperate, so raw milk was my final attempt. I am now one of those annoying people who goes around harping on about it and refusing 'nuked' milk from any other source. Hooray for you, thank you thank you thank you!!!
Happy Person
I LOVE YOU HOOK AND SON!!!! thank you for helping me keep myself and my children healthy :) Just thought i would say that....
Danielle Saffer
I placed a 10 pint order which I received on Thursday. I shared the cost with a friend as you suggested. I was really nervous about trying it because of all the scary health warnings, but you came so highly recommended that I decided to give it a go. I was instantly struck by how different it looked to the pasteurised and homogenised milk in my fridge (which has now gone down the sink!). It is a lovely creamy yellow colour compared to an artificially white colour. The taste took a while to get used to but now I love it. When I've compared it to shop bought milk I'm surprised I put up with the taste of processed milk for so long! It tastes very cool and clean. I've also suffered from IBS since I was 16 and after just 3fl.oz of this milk, my stomach settled for the first time in as long as I can remember. It instantly stopped aching and my bloating has massively decreased. The feel and appearance of my skin has improved also. My one year old has never willingly drunk cows milk or eaten anything with it in. But since he's tried the raw milk, he loves drinking it and eating it with his food. It also made a delicious cheese sauce yesterday night! Your milk is wonderful, I am so very glad I tried it. I will never cow back to the highly processed shop bought milk now. The extra cost is totally worth it for having a product the whole family (including my fussy 8 year old!) enjoys and will benefit from. Until recently I didn't even realise it was legal. When I realised it was I knew I would find it hard to get as I cannot drive and so cannot get to any farm shops or markets that sell it. Then I found your website and heard from several people who have used your national milk delivery service. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this service available. I love how open and honest your website is and I'm happier drinking a product from animals I know have been loved and cared for.
Jennifer Bell
I've missed the milk,someone got me to try some from elsewhere and I have to say that your raw milk is by far the best. I wil no longer bother with others if I cant get yours! The dog is a huge fan and licks her lips as soon as the delivery arrives so she can get her bowl full - such a princess she would never touch regular milk even if its organic!
Sara, Beckenham, Kent
I’ve had a dairy intolerance for over 20 years and severe hay fever since adolescence. Since using your raw milk products I’ve been able to enjoy milk and butter and amazingly my hay fever has disappeared – I’ve just returned from a bike ride in Wales in mid June when I would normally be locked indoors, dosed up with anti-histamine. The milk and butter are delicious – they remind me of the simple foods of my childhood and cooking with butter has made a huge difference to my diet. Thank you!
Paul Lock, Stroud, Glos
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the first batch of milk I have received. It is so nice to have milk that tastes like milk and feel as though you are getting real nutrition. I was brought up on raw milk and was very sorry to see it taken away due to government legislation. My nickname is “Biddy” and I was amused to see that you have a few cows called Biddy. Thanks for bringing such lovely milk to us again.
We received today's order fresh and cooled. The milk was delicious and reminded me of my childhood when food was so much more natural, however the cream was a triumph! Luxuriant, velvety, unctuous, it surely deserved the accompaniment of home baked scones. Regrettably due to time constraints, we relied on Duchy Originals from Waitrose but by far and away it was the cream which stole the show in our humble cream tea. Needless to say we shall be re-ordering!
A Happy Customer
Just wanted to say your milk is beautifull the taste is so creamy and moreish!! I made a rice pudding last weekend with it and it was absolutely goregous. Also, because it is so nice I have increased my decaf tea because I can taste the milk and really enjoy it. My husband has it in his Kefir too and I have had a couple of people asking about raw milk and directing them to your website so they can read for themselves the benefits of raw milk.
One of the mum's that shares my order is very pleased with your milk and says that it's doing wonders for her daughter's eczema and also that her husband's eczema has migrated and he's the best he's been for years. Keep up the good work!
We are a family of "back to basic" eaters and we are reaping the rewards of your Raw Milk. Recently, our 4 year old son had continuing problems with his toilet habits. Since drinking Raw Milk there has been a very significant improvement. The only change that we have implemented is the milk! - Brilliant. Now, don't laugh, but I was recently told to use the milk at the end of the bottle to feed the house plants. Well, "George" our 9 year old money tree has taken on a new lease of life! Not only is he sprouting in every direction his leaves are beautifully vibrant! We love what you do and how you do it.
A Family
My curiosity about the milk vending machine brought me to Selfridge last night. Saw Caroline :o) I thought the milk bottle was lovely so brought one bottle here in the office. I refilled it and left it on the fridge. Guess what, I think people have been trying it! hahaha :o) It was full this morning and now probably just 1/4 was left, I only had a small amount earlier for my ginger tea Honestly, I don't really mind. I have offered it to friends and colleagues and have tried to impart what I have learned, largely based from GAPS diet and Weston Price seminar. Hopefully, that helps in advertising. I would be posting your leaflet (from Caroline) in hour Social Room. I had promised Caroline a testimonial, will that in the near future :o) I had stopped drinking milk since 7 due to food intolerance, and now I can drink 1000ml of Hook and Son raw milk straight! Amazing milk! :o)
yep I did receive WAPF card. I was at the WAPF seminar last year, and attended Dr. Natasha Mc-Bride's talk on GAPS diet. Am afraid I wont make it this year. I was vegetarian at that time (due to ethical reason that no animal has to die or suffer for me) so I didnt bother with exhibitors connected with animals and that includes Hook and Son ;o). It took me a month to convince myself to give up vegetarianism. Night after night, I was watching the WAPF recorded video of Sally Fallon saying, animals are part of the food chain and you cannot stop it. Then I spoke to a spiritual teacher and she said, if your body needs animal products in your diet, just bless and thank them. And also, I know that you guys are actually taking care of your cows. I have a skin condition for 3 years now that cannot be diagnosed by Dermatologists (I was seen by 4 university doctors). I did GAPS intro diet and had a massive skin rash eruption after a month. Then the rashes started to disappear. 7 months on the GAPS diet (of which your milk, butter and cream has been a large part) my skin conditions have improved by 90%. I just did a taste test for a colleague :o) I offered the raw milk to her, she was willing to try. She tasted it, and said its OK. I then I offered her the company supplied supermarket milk. After tasting both, she then said, yeah.... now that Ive tested the supermarket milk, the raw milk does taste a lot better.... hope that makes her curious as well :o) Likewise, thanks! for making the raw organic milk available to us.
I just want to share my experience with your raw milk, raw butter and raw cream. I stopped drinking milk since 7 due to lactose intolerance (am in my 40s now). I am an Asian and when I relocated here in the UK 3 years ago, I have had a skin condition that cannot be diagnosed i.e. not eczema was suspected to be psoriasis. I was seen by 4 university doctors at the Royal London Hospital. My blood tests didnt show anything significant and my biopsy returned just inflammation. My arms and legs were covered with big red rashes that are not itchy. The mainstream medicine didnt help. I have always thought that my condition is related to my sensitive digestive system. The doctors didnt believe me. I have tried Gluten-Free Diet, Alkaline Diet and Raw Food Diet but they just helped a little. I discovered GAPS diet by Dr. Natasha McBride at Weston A. Price Tradition workshop last year. Giving up vegetarianism was the hardest part but I was willing to try anything. I followed the GAPS method of introducing dairy i.e. start with homemade probiotic. I used milk kefir. Four months after, I started drinking raw milk in small amounts, spreading raw butter on coconut bread. I used the raw cream to thicken my yoghurt. To date, I can drink raw milk to my hearts desire :o) Seven months on the GAPS diet, I have seen 90% improvement in my skin condition, much to the astonishment of my Dermatologist. She has ruled out psoriasis when I last saw her. I quote her say "its really weird. Your raw milk, raw butter and raw cream is a big part of my GAPS diet. Thank you very much for your wonderful products and excellent service! "
Hi there, I just had to e-mail you guys to say thank you so much for your amazing raw milk! We haven't consumed milk, or any dairy for 2 years up until now and can already feel a dramatic positive health impact since we started on your raw milk, which is incredible as it's only been a week! We had both been suffering from a mystery virus/bug that wiped us out completely for over 6 weeks and decided to try the raw milk as a way to recover fully and boost our immune systems - wow!!! It certainly seems to have worked wonders already - from struggling to get back on track 2 weeks ago, to feeling vibrant and energised this last week of consuming the milk - amazing! We haven't actually drunk any of the milk straight, (although it smells wonderful and appetising straight from the carton) - we make kefir with it and consume that every morning. We also made fresh cheese with 2 litres of it, which is the best we've ever tasted, (Paulo is Portuguese and they have a great tradition of fresh cheese, but this is better than anything we've ever had there!) We use the whey on our oats for breakfast, (with dates and cinnamon - it's so gorgeous, tastes of caramelised rice pudding!) And we also give a little bit of whey to our cat, who absolutely loves it too!!! We're really impressed that it stays fresh in the fridge for a whole week. In fact I can say that this is definitely the freshest milk that I've ever had (Paulo has milked a cow and drunk it straight from the udder as a child!) and we would both like to thank you all, (including the cows themselves of course!) for this amazing produce. We both agree that ordering your raw milk is the best thing we could have done and plan to continue doing so forever! We have ordered twice from you now and would be interested in setting up a standing order for a delivery of 20 pints every 2 weeks - what would be the discounted price for that please? And what about if we wanted to skip a delivery if we were away - how would we work that out? Oh yes and thank you for putting the delivery instructions and contact number on our order as well - we were really impressed that you did that again for the repeat order, even though I forgot to mention it this time - very professional! Basically, without wanting to go on and get embarrassing about this - what we want to say is "big up yourselves Hook & Son - thank you for being a real organic farm with real raw milk - you're obviously people who care - about yourselves, the cows, the planet and others by making this amazing produce available to anyone else who cares!" Keep up the good work. Massive respect from
Faye & Paulo
As a digestive health clinic, we understand the value of raw, un-pasteurised milk and we feel that this is the best milk for using to produce kefir. We make kefir cheese also and will be holding workshops very soon for people to learn how to make basic kefir and its cheese products. I hope you don't get too flooded with customers, Joe Public doesn't really understand how pasteurisation spoils the quality of the proteins and the fats in the milk, but little by little we are trying to educate. We believe that natural medicine's job is to educate, not medicate! Thank you for your service to good food. I appreciate what you are doing.
Enid, Taymount Clinic for Digestive Health, Hitchin Hertfordshire
I've just taken delivery of your delicious milk, I'm so glad I found you.
Pauline, Grays, Essex
I’ve been recommended to buy from you, a friend said to me that she has actually seen your Cows and they look very healthy so I’ll start purchasing from you shortly. Kind Regards
Joanne, London
In the 1980s we always had 'green top' milk from the milk man, so it has been lovely to discover it is still available
Clare, Balcombe, West Sussex
Hi, I placed my first order for raw milk a few weeks ago its wonderful thank you.
Reece, Mitcham Surrey
Really enjoyed the first batch you sent last week - and so did the rest of the family!
John, Leighton Buzzard, Beds
I spent my formative years on the Orkney Islands before running water or electricity came, piped, to the islands. Many a time I drank milk filtered but still warm from hand milking. Always we used non homogenised or pasteurised milk products. I miss the taste of milk as it should be. Apart from infectious diseases, I believe that most of our present day illnesses and diseases are due to food refinement, pesticide, antibiotic and hormone use in farming. As far as the infectious diseases are concerned, I firmly believe that they have become so virulent and hard to shift because our immune systems have been destroyed by the aforementioned potential causes of disease. Heck, we can’t even eat fish any more without fear of mercurial poisoning to some extent. And Man is considered by scientists to be the HIGHEST form……shows why a society, which depends too much on “scientific” evidence rather than what we experience and see, is in such a mess. Even the humble worm goes about his day doing only what is good for the planet, therefore, all life upon it. Who is smartest? I diverse, as is my want: back to raw milk products. Can I freeze raw milk? I live on a very small pension and using organic and naturally farmed foods where possible. I’m about to start growing my own veg again: garden prepared, purse not quite. I would like to use raw organic milk products too. I could make my own butter and cheese if I could get the milk but I doubt the Council would agree to me keeping a cow on my garden grass: idiots. I understand why your products must be expensive, to start with at least, and I would be prepared to find the cost but I can’t afford to waste it so, as one living on my own (you might gather why ;o) from my ramblings here,) and although I use a lot of milk, to make it most “economic friendly”, I would have to buy a muckle wheen each purchase. In what container would it best freeze, if at all? Would I be correct in presuming the glass bottle but not too full to allow for expansion? How about the tops tho? Kind regards
Hi there I have been buying your fantastic raw milk for the last few weeks and have to say it is gorgeous! I am a health and nutrition specialist working out of Cheltenham and am advising all my clients to switch to your produce one of which already has! Do you have any leaflets etc I can hand out?? Also when is the cream or butter coming on-line to buy?? Can’t wait! In health and happiness
Karen, Pure Body Balance, Cheltenham
Hi, my 3 years old boy keeps vomiting the supermarket milk. I reckon he has lactose intolerance. Besides, I took him to the dentist and he has tooth decay. I heard raw milk is the best for him.
It was fantastic to meet you at the stand at the Realfood Festival on Friday! I was so happy to find you and to finally try that lovely butter, can’t wait for it to be available on the website so we can buy weekly along with the milk and the cream as well.
Anna, London
I used to spend about seven pounds a week on lactase tablets, no longer need to,thanks
Arif, Leeds
I am very excited that i have found the raw milksupplier in the end (shame that I couldn't find one when my daughter was still drinking milk...). I will definitely order some milk, though me and my daughter don't drink so much of it, even your smallest bundle is too much for us. Do you think i could make fermented milk out of the amount we wouldn't drink fresh (in Poland where I come from we always drink fermented, sour milk and it is yummi) or at least yoghurt? I know it is a lot of questions to answer, but I have been looking for raw diary products for ages! (I am a naturopathy and acupuncture student and I do not allow my daughter and myslef to have unnatural, processed food and drink).
Looking forward to the the first taste of unpasteurised milk in many years - we used to have plenty of it when we were kids but didn't think it was available anymore!
John, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
We are very excited about being able to get raw milk – I’ve tried for ages to find somewhere local that sells it to no avail. We can’t wait to try the milk and reap the health benefits – just as nature intended!
Sheila, Telford, Shropshire
We have purchased raw milk from you a few times now and really enjoy it, so much so the whole family is now on it! I'm thinking of setting up a standing order.
Alex, Ashford, Kent
Hi. Have become a real fan having my milk delivered once a fortnight.
Jane, Wolverhampton
We are very pleased with your milk & have just set up a weekly standing order for £11.40 commencing tomorrow. Please keep it coming!
Therese, Shoreham, Sussex
Just want to let you know, my mum and dad love your raw milk. They have it delivered in West Yorkshire. I live in Ohio & am jealous that they tried it before me. It is a little expensive though, but understand you need to cover costs. If only people realized how good this is for us. I'm in touch with a farm in Ohio, will be touring in May, & can't wait to try raw milk. People don't understand, it is not natural saturated fat that make us fat; cholesterol is a safety mechanism (I am a cardiology technician). I am 5'5", 135 lbs, & every day eat full fat, organic butter, cheese, milk, cream, (nothing so delicious) etc, fruits, veg & whole grains -for health. Good, wholesome, natural fat does not harm us!!! As natural as poss is best!!! Please keep doing what you are doing.
Ron and Mel in Ohio
We are very excited about being able to get raw milk – I’ve tried for ages to find somewhere local that sells it to no avail. We can’t wait to try the milk and reap the health benefits – just as nature intended!
Sheila in Shropshire
I've already purchased and enjoyed your raw milk. Is it possible for you to sell raw butter and raw cream via mail order? If so please let me know the cost including p&p Thank you
Sarah in Swansea
I've just tasted the milk and it tastes fantastic nice and creamy way better than the milk you buy in the supermarkets
Niall in Kent
We enjoyed our last order of milk. You don't happen to be able to provide cream and or butter, do you? I'm a fan of such luxuries, and I imagine they are all the more delectable in their raw form! Best,
Firstly can I say how pleased I am you are now doing a raw milk delivery service. The milk is lovely and I look forward to each delivery. My husband who had stopped drinking pasteurised milk due it's effect on him has joined me in going exclusively to raw milk and finds he suffers none of the adverse effects he does with supermarket milk. Now to my question: I noted in your newsletter a few weeks back it said you would soon be starting to offer raw butter and cream and just wondered if you already knew when this would be? Once again many thanks for a fantastic product. Best regards
Helene, in Reading
Marie and I wanted to thank you for getting our milk delivered this week – we really appreciate it and are thoroughly enjoying the delicious flavour. Marie had porridge this morning accompanied by your milk, and for the first time in ages did not feel at all nauseous afterwards (as happens with any pasteurised milk). All the best,
I'd love to find out about delivery of raw butter & raw cream.I've ordered some raw milk from you before which is delicious! But would also love to order butter & cream now. Could you please advise? Thank you very much. Kind regards,
John Appleseed
Me and my friend are telling everyone we can about your new service - its brilliant
Holly in Devon
I will add butter and cream if & when it's ready. I love the milk!
Danny in Hertfordshire
I found your website today and am so excited to have found a source of organic raw milk, what a brilliant job you guys are doing.
Lisa in Chippenham
We have been getting your raw milk for a few weeks now and the service has been great. Many thanks in advance for your help.
Aneta in Henley on Thames
Just to say how fantastic your site is and how impressed we are with what you are doing. We have been drinking unpasteurised milk for a long time here, but also we have read books such as Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions and Ron Schmid's Untold Story of Milk. I have never seen this level of information on a dairy farm site before - fantastic! Very inspiring
Rob in Herefordshire
The milk arrived this morning and it's delicious! Best wishes
Alex in Liverpool
Many thanks for the milk delivered to me in Kent yesterday. It is delicious and tastes fresh. It was delivered around 5.30pm and still felt quite cold. Thanks
Thank you very much, and thank you for supplying your milk nationally. I spent hours on the Internet trying to find a farm or market within a reasonable distance that would sell raw milk and there weren't any. You have made it possible for us to give ourselves and our children a much healthier option.
Angie and Chris in Hampshire
I would like to say I have found I can drink milk for the 1st time in years!! I have lactose intolerance and if I normally drank a glass of milk I would feel ill and probably spend the rest of the day on the loo! However , I have now drunk for 2 weeks your milk on my cereal each morning with no bad side effects, and even enjoy an occasional glass of warm raw milk and raw chocolate powder- lovely! In fact at the moment my stomach issues seem to have got better than they have been for a while... so I am keen to see if this continues! My husband is also a convert... and had to take his raw milk when he goes to work as the ‘normal’ stuff tastes horrid now!! We even have a few friends who are thinking of ordering after tasting it
Jo in Surbiton, Surrey